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Lost Keys

Although loosing or misplacing keys can be frustrating, it is very common among people unfortunately. Often when people lose or misplace a key to their home or vehicle, it would have a costly result. Aside from calling a professional locksmith to bail them out, there is the uncertainty of the keys falling to the wrong Read more about Lost Keys[…]

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Lock Brands

With so many different locks and lock manufacturers in the market, it can be confusing at times shopping for a new lock that will protect your office or small business. Because of the wide selection available, you want to make sure you will pick the right lock that will fit your small business security needs. Read more about Lock Brands[…]

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Commercial Grade Locks

Security of a commercial property is important, and most businesses nowadays are making the move to key-less entry and access control lock systems. Many businesses however still incorporating and counting on the traditional commercial grade door locks and deadbolts to protect their property. In order to keep up with modern technology when it comes to Read more about Commercial Grade Locks[…]