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Before the mid-1990s, it was possible to get a spare key for a car at any conveniently located hardware store. Unfortunately because the key was so simplistic and available for purchase, it was extremely facile for thieves to steal cars whenever they had wanted to. So in order to repress car theft, some automotive manufacturers decided to innovate an advanced type of key technology. This technology come in the form of laser cut key. This vehicular security promotion has in effect put a decrease on the occurrences of car theft as well as an increase into what a car key costs to replace.

This new key technology that automotive manufacturers designed incorporates a transponder chip as well that is placed in the head of the car key. The transponder chip issues a coded signal to a receiver located inside of the car ignition switch known as an immobilizer. The immobilizer checks the code and if it detects an unrecognized coded signal, then the vehicle will not start as it could likely means that the incorrect key is being used.

Laser cut key Reno locksmith

Laser cut key is high security

A laser cut (also known as a sidewinder key) key is the most common type of key that incorporates the transponder technology. These keys posses great security against manipulation and are of a lot more precise nature. A laser cut key looks very different than other traditional car keys because the blade is a bit thicker with grooves along the edge instead of notches. Since a laser cut key has a transponder chip inside, it means that it should be programmed by a professional automotive locksmith in Reno, so that the car key will be able to signal to the immobilizer.

To go about getting a replacement laser cut key it is necessary to go to an automotive locksmith Reno company who will have the specialty equipment to cut the key as well as going through a transponder key programming process to your unique vehicle. Most of these locksmiths are mobile and will be able to go to the location of the vehicle in a case where there is no laser cut key available to drive the car anywhere.

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