Commercial Door Locks Reno NV

The locks on any commercial property should never be purchased at a hardware store. The locks found in these stores are of low technology and low quality in addition to having been produced on a massive scale. It is recommended to go to a local and professional locksmith in Reno to obtain a commercial door locks with substantial quality and security.

It will probably not come as a surprise to find out that residential properties have lower graded locks installed in comparison to commercial properties with high graded locking mechanisms. The locks may seem very similar and does function in the same way, but there is a lot more to it. Commercial door locks are produced and quality tested to make for certain the lock will meet the demand of providing strong security and high usage. In order to keep a commercial property secured, it is necessary to only install locks onto the doors that have received a strong grade in accordance with the ANSI grading system.

Commercial door locks grading system

ANSI (American National Standards Institute) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing standards of product developments. Products that normally includes locking mechanisms for commercial properties. Commercial door locks are graded on a scale of grade 1 down to grade 3 based upon the locking mechanisms durability and longevity. Being able to last and bare strength are two very important factors concerning locks on commercial properties. Commercial door locks should withstand high traffic of people that go in and out of a public building throughout the day which in turn really takes a toll on the interior components of a locking mechanism.

Commercial Door Locks Locksmith Reno

The miniature pieces within the lock on a commercial property must be made of a strong material and be able to withstand many trials, so commercial door locks are either a grade 1 or a grade 2. Oftentimes there will be only grade 1 high security locks found installed onto properties such as schools and hospitals and there will be mostly grade 2 commercial door locks found on all other types of commercial properties.

If you do not want to go to the hardware store and buy a grade 3 lock, then you can contact a Reno locksmith who can assist with choosing a superior commercial grade locks for your property.