High Security Locks Reno

When attempting to expand the security of your business, many people would often look for the latest and greatest technology security products which include alarm systems, electronic access control systems, CCTV, and more. Regularly ignored are the straightforward locks that secure the entryway. These locks are the forefront of a business property when it comes to physical security. Locks are often the first line of defense against intruders looking to break into your business property. However, what many individuals neglect to acknowledge is that traditional locks on entryways are often the weak link in the business property’s general security. With the help of a locksmith Reno, utilizing High Security Locks is one of the most ideal approaches to enhance this basic security region. The main five purposes behind utilizing these high security locks are as followed.

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5 Reasons To Use High Security Locks

Key Control – The majority of high security locks utilize a restricted keyway. This brings us to high security keys which are licensed and must be copied by certified locksmith Reno merchants. These high security keys can even utilize a signature check to keep the key from getting copied by a stranger. In the event that you have ever given a key of your business property to another person, you have no way to tell if they ever had another copy made. The majority of keys can easily be copied at a local hardware store or a locksmith Reno shop for just few dollars. A high security key will not be subjected to such easy duplication and will enable you to keep your business property keys under control when it comes to copies being made.

Pick Proof – a disadvantage when it comes to traditional locks is the fact that they can be picked without much effort. The locks can usually be picked using a pick tool set that can be easily shopped for online. With a decent pick tool set you most likely be able to unlock most locked doors within minutes. On the other hand, high security locks utilize various pick proof patents that will make it harder fr an intruder to pick them. When it comes to the specifics, the various technologies and patents used with commercial grade locks to prevent picking can often be visible on the lock’s respectable high security key while other technologies are within the lock mechanism.

Drill Proof – The cylinders of high security locks were particularly architect-ed to be of a resistance against drilling attempts. Unlocking a traditional lock is pretty much straightforward conducting a line between the inside of the cylinder and the exterior of the case. On the majority of traditional locks, this would be possible by utilizing a drill in order to drill a small hole above the cylinder. Such process normally takes only a few seconds. Once the hole is drilled, the lock would be unlocked.

Forced entry proof – High Security Locks are often equipped heavy duty strike plates and related accessories and in some situations they even utilize an interlocking deadbolt. These security elements are a must when attempting to provide decent security for your business property. Most intruders knows that most business property doors which sometimes equipped with traditional locks, can easily be kicked open. Visible traditional locks points to weak related hardware and security.

High Security Locks Will Protect Your Business

High Security locks have better construction overall. These types of locks are normally built with high quality components such as brass and steel. Most traditional locks are constructed with diecast components which easily break when tampered with, however, with high security locks provided by a commercial locksmith Reno, it is unlikely you will find such low quality components. For a business property having a strong lock is crucial. When using high security lock at your business property you can rest assure your business will no be fully protected.