Lock Change or Rekey?

Locksmith Reno lock rekeyIn spite of the fact that they seem comparable as a result, re-keying and lock change are two different procedures that should be offered as a solution for different types of situations. The following will explain how those processes are different from each other and some examples to different scenarios would be provided as well.

Lock re-key is a matter of changing some of internal structure of the cylinder inside the lock which is the tumblers. Locks work through an arrangement of inner moving pins and springs – just a specific and particular association of the inside structure of the pins will permit the structure to decompress while the right key is inserted and open. Lock re-key is done without substitution of the current locks – it will make the old key useless and you will be given a new key to be used with the re-keyed locks. The new sized pins will be inserted to the cylinder in a specific order to match the new key while keeping the same look of your entryway.

Replacement of the existing locks is a matter of completely removing the current lock system that is on your door and replacing it with a new unit. In this situation as well it is best to leave it for a professional locksmith. Additionally, you will be able to pick from a variety of lock systems which comes in a wide range of styles and come with different features.

Having locks re-keyed should be done whenever you are moving into a new place, and if your keys might have been misplaced or stolen. Its a fairly inexpensive way to ensure your peace of mind when it comes to the security of your home.

Reno locksmith lock changeLock substitution ought to be done in situations where your locks got harmed mistakenly or through a burglary. Additionally, your lock may be so old that finding components for it to be serviced and re-keyed would be almost impossible. Cutting edge locks that are being manufactured nowadays, have a much higher security level than even locks that were made 15 years back.

Since it’s difficult finding parts for older type locks, installing a replacement one would be a much easier solution.