Reno Locksmith Ignition Switch

Locksmith in Reno car ignitionAn automotive ignition switch operates the starter system for an engine and also controls the power source for the majority of electronic devices in vehicles. The majority of vehicles that were manufactured after the 1990s hold security components that are within the ignition switch that will not allow the car to start without the proper key being in use.

The connection between the ignition and the car’s computer is through a microchip called a transponder which is found within the car key. This is an additional security measure in order to prevent improper users taking the car. The transponder key is inserted into the ignition switch and turned. There is an induction coil mounted around the ignition switch that sends out an electromagnetic field of energy.

The windings in the car key’s chip absorb that energy in order to provide power to the electronic chip to emit a signal. The induction coil reads the signal and then sends it to a computer. If the signal is recognized, the vehicle can start. The changing of an ignition switch is a type of installation that is complex and requires professional assistance from your local locksmith in Reno.

Reno locksmith ignition serviceHow long an automobile ignition switch will function varies, but if you own a car the chances are that eventually you will encounter a jammed ignition. Initially, jiggling the key inside of the ignition will allow you to start the vehicle, but this is a condition that is only sure to get worse. It will get to the point where it is impossible to turn the key in the ignition switch or the key turns but nothing happens from it.

The best choice for you in this instance is to call a professional. To cut down on high service fees, call an automotive locksmith rather than your dealership. Much of the cost will be dictated by make and model of the car, yet the condition of the key/lock cylinder will have a part as well. Additionally, some ignition switches are part of an assembly with the entire lock cylinder and a security device. This will cause the price to rise accordingly, explaining why it is necessary for a professional to see the vehicle before being able to provide exact cost.