Key Extraction

Reno locksmith broken keyWe all possess and use at least one key, but how much do we really know about keys in general? Is it even important to care about keys? Yes, the care and consideration for your keys can only be positive. The part of your key that you hold when inserting it into a keyway is called the bow. It is usually formed like something between a square and a circle. The blade of the key is the part that is actually inserted into your lock. The blade has small pointy bits called the teeth. These teeth arrange the internal lock components in order to allow the lock mechanism to turn, causing the lock to unlock. You might guess that the material that a key is made of will help determine how long it lasts. This is correct. If your keys are made up of aluminum, your key is not very likely to last long at all as aluminum is flimsy.

The principal way of preventing your keys from breaking inside of your lock mechanism is to be cognizant of the condition of your keys. If you notice your keys have any cuts or odd grooves along the blade than it is time to start using your spare key. That is why it is important to have a locksmith in Reno produce you an extra key so you can use that immediately as soon as necessary.

Reno locksmith lock lubricationTo keep your keys from breaking in two, it’s also necessary to have well lubricated locks. At least once a year you should spray WD-40 into the interior of your locks that get used often. If you find that your key sticks inside of the lock, making it hard to turn, do not force it. If you continue to force your key to turn the locking mechanism, you risk the chance of breaking the key and the internal components of your home lock.

In order to extract a key from a lock, a Reno locksmith must utilize a special extraction tool. It is very important to call a locksmith to perform an extraction especially if the key is inside of a car ignition. This is to ensure that the ignition does not get damaged. It is still very recommended to call upon a locksmith to service a key extraction on any lock because it is very easy to push the broken key piece further back into the lock, thus causing a need for a lock repair or a complete lock replacement. A lock replacement will cost you more money than a simple key extraction. It is best to have someone with experience manage your security.

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