Key Extraction Reno NV

There will always be people who think that their key is impossible to break. Some could never imagine that their key can actually break inside of their lock. This is an unfortunate situation because it means that to be able to use the lock again, you must have a key extraction done by a Reno locksmith from the inside of it. It can be frustrating getting a perfectly good working key broken by accident.

Key extraction Reno locksmith

The best way to have a key extraction managed is to ask for the help of an expert locksmith. This is to ensure that your lock stays functional by not having the pins and other fragile parts of the inner locking mechanism scratched or destroyed. Having a professional locksmith in Reno on the scene is perfect to be sure the job is done correctly and that any further work that may need to be performed on or with the lock can quickly be accomplished.

What happens after the key extraction done?

Hopefully, you have the key that fits into the particular keyway because otherwise you won’t even be able to use the lock. If there is not an available copy of the key that turns the lock, you will either need to have a lock change or simply a lock rekey. A lock change is exactly what it sounds like. The Reno locksmith will completely change your lock on the door since there isn’t a key to open anymore. If you like your current lock and want to go for a cheaper option, you should choose to have a lock rekey on your existing locks. The locksmith will then temporarily separates the lock from the door, take apart the lock and reset the pins within the inner locking mechanism to a different key cut. You will receive as many copies of the key that you request.

Always call a professional locksmith for a key extraction

So if you ever get surprised to find that you accidentally broke your house key within the lock, call upon a locksmith Reno to have the situations taken care of for you. A key extraction and other type of lock work should only be done by a professional to avoid further damage to the locks that protect your home.

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