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Sometimes it is necessary to perform a lock installation when an old lock is broken and not working properly. Perhaps you want a lock installation because you want a locking mechanism and a door knob that look elegant. It could be that you have a door that only has a door knob on it with no correlating locking mechanism. Whatever the exact case may be, when you want to have a lock change done, it is necessary to remove the old lock in order to install a new one and use the services of a Reno locksmith for that.

Two basic bits of information concerning your door must be apprehended before choosing a locking mechanism. A door must be measured exactly in order to establish the backset that will then correlate with the size of the lock that will be installed. Next is to find out the handedness of the door. The majority of lock types must work in alliance with the handedness of the door, except for most deadbolt locks. The handedness of a door is defined as the specific side of the door that the door knob and locking mechanism will be installed on.

Lock installation Reno locksmith

Getting a lock before lock installation is done

Once all of the information regarding handedness and backset of the door has been recognized, it is the time to purchase a new locking mechanism and have an expert locksmith Reno technician do a professional lock installation. There are various lock types available to purchase from either locksmiths or hardware stores. These locking mechanisms have different levels of security to protect your residential property that is dependent upon the material the lock is made out of as well as the number and type of pins that are present inside the inner core of the lock.

In order to be certain that your residence is secure, it is wise to call upon a residential locksmith in Reno to perform the measuring of the door and to determine which lockset would be most optimal for your home lock installation. A locksmith can work on the lock installation accurately and efficiently. No need to repair any mistakes or worry about the security of your belongings while you are away from home. A locksmith will be able to provide you with as many house keys to your personal lock that you may require on the spot.

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