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Whether you own a home or rent an apartment, it isn’t uncommon to provide keys to multiple family members and even some friends. When you do, it is important to learn about rekeying locks. In the possibility that one of these people looses a copy of the key, you should know that there are necessary steps to be taken up afterwards for door lock security. When a key is lost (especially if it was lost in a public area), it is a definite security threat to those close to you and your belongings as well.

Someone else can be in possession of the key that provides entrance to your home and they can quite possibly get away with theft without you immediately realizing it because there would be no sign of forced entry. When this serious matter happens it is necessary to fix within a short time period. There are a few options available to you, the best of all would be rekeying locks by a Reno locksmith.

The process of rekeying locks

Rekeying locks means that the former locks that paired with the missing key will be transformed, but not in a way that meets the eye to a non-professional. What gets changed is an entire section of the interior components of the locking mechanism where the key would meet. For a further understanding, let me tell you about how the core of a locking mechanism is put together.

Rekeying locks Reno locksmith

In a stack held inside of a column within the lock there are what is called pins and springs. How secure and high of a quality your lock is factors into the number of these stacks that your lock will possess inside it, usually between three to six stacks total. These pins and springs must be pushed to a certain spot called the shearline in order to be unlocked. This is the job of your key to do, and that is why there are ridges on the edge that you stick into the lock. It is this section of the lock that a professional residential locksmith in Reno will change by exchanging the arrangement and pin sizes to fit another key entirely.

When rekeying locks, the Reno locksmith would need to uninstall the lock from the door temporarily in order to break the lock open and exchange core pieces while shortly after completely install everything back together perfectly. If the process of rekeying locks as well as the installation are not accomplished in an accurate manner than you risk the chance of leaving your residence in an insecure state.

When a professional locksmith Reno company is on site with all of the proper tools and materials, you can be certain that everyone that needs to have a key provided to them will be accounted for. The process of rekeying locks to your home is the best option for saving money, saving materials that don’t need to be wasted as well as saving on time.

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