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Lock Rekey For Lost Keys

If you have lost your keys and are feeling concerned about your family’s security, don’t lose anymore sleep! All that you need to do is have the locks rekeyed for your home. Also, when you move into a new home, know that you should rekey or change your locks. This may be recommended because a Read more about Lock Rekey For Lost Keys[…]

Reno locksmith lock change

Lock Change or Rekey?

In spite of the fact that they seem comparable as a result, re-keying and lock change are two different procedures that should be offered as a solution for different types of situations. The following will explain how those processes are different from each other and some examples to different scenarios would be provided as well. Read more about Lock Change or Rekey?[…]

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Lost Keys

Although loosing or misplacing keys can be frustrating, it is very common among people unfortunately. Often when people lose or misplace a key to their home or vehicle, it would have a costly result. Aside from calling a professional locksmith to bail them out, there is the uncertainty of the keys falling to the wrong Read more about Lost Keys[…]